Edible Daisies

Get ready for Spring! These little daisies are made out of cucumbers and squash, with ranch dressing and carrots in the middle. Sooo cute and fun to make! And healthy too.



First you need to find a flower cookie cutter small enough to fit inside the circumference of a cucumber. I found this one among my kids’ playdoh things, so I got lucky. But you can find just about any size cookie cutter at your local craft store–Michael’s is where I usually shop.



Be sure and cut the slices of cucumber thin enough for the cookie cutter to go all the way through!




Next, pin the mint leaves by puncturing through them and into the celery with a toothpick. Then drive the other end of the toothpick into the cucumber flower.

  • I also recommend putting a toothpick on the bottom end of the celery to stabilize the flowers when you put them into the flower pot.





“Glue” your carrot middles on with thick ranch dip, and fill your bell pepper “flower pot” with ranch dip and cherry tomatoes (for the “dirt”), and serve!


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