Edible Tulips

These are such a party pleaser, and so perfect for an Easter dinner or Spring celebration. Also very fun to make if you use a couple of easy tricks.

  • Trick #1: Make sure you choose a very thick dip or flavored cottage cheese
  • Trick #2: I recommend having a chop stick or pointy skewer and a medicine syringe on hand….

Once you have all your supplies ready and washed, let’s get to it!



Step 1: I recommend doing this step first. In order to do so, just puncture a small hole at the bottom of each tomato with a skewer or chop stick, and carefully “shove” your chives or green onions in as far as they’ll go. Set these aside.

  • You may need to take a knife and make an ever-so-tiny criss cross cut to get things moving a little. As long as the hole isn’t too big, the chives will stay intact.
























Steps 2 – 3: Make a criss cross slit across the top of each tomato down to the base, and use a syringe to fill them up with the dip of your choice.



tulips1aStep 4: Place on a platter and tie with a ribbon for “garnish.”


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Edible Tulips
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 10
  • 5 red oval shaped cherry tomatoes
  • 5 yellow "sunburst" tomatoes
  • Ranch dip or cottage cheese with herbs
  • Two bunches of green onions or chives
  1. Puncture the bottoms of the tomatoes with a skewer and gently but firmly push the tips of the chives or onions into the tomato as far as it will go.
  2. Make a criss cross cut on the tops of the tomatoes and fill them with ranch or cottage cheese dip, using a medicine syringe.
  3. Tie them together with a bow.


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    1. I am pretty sure most people would be smart enough to just eat the tomato and leave the scallion. I think it is super cute and I know my guests would think so too.

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