Cho-coconut Cookies

Eating chocolate chip cookies doesn’t have to be such a sin anymore. All you do for these cookies is replace the butter with the same amount of coconut oil for whatever chocolate chip cookie recipe you are using. You’ll not only have a delicious confection, but you’ll also be able to eat it with less guilt. Coconut oil has so many amazing properties, and it tastes so good, you’ll wonder why you don’t use it more often.

coconut 2versusButter2

I have tried these cookies out on friends more than once and I get rave reviews every time. The coconut flavor comes as such a surprise and complements the chocolate so smoothly, it’s hard to eat just one.


Coconut oil is becoming rather popular. And for good reason. Here are a few fabulous benefits of coconut oil:

  • It helps you LOSE weight because it is made up of medium chain triglycerides. I have no idea what those are. But I sounded really smart just then when I said that, didn’t I? Apparently they speed up your metabolism and burn belly fat like nobody’s business.
  • It is a natural antiseptic. The organic, virgin coconut oil has Lauric Acid, which kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi both on your skin (if you use it topically) and in your bloodstream (if you ingest it).
  • It increases brain function, reducing symptoms in alzheimer’s and epilepsy patients. The medium-chain triglycerides are broken down quickly and easily in the liver where they are converted into keytones (I don’t know what those are either) which make great brain food, whether you have medical problems or not.
  • It serves as a skin-care product. Many people use it as a natural sunscreen, a moisturizer, an eye-makeup remover, a diaper cream, an eczema cream, a main ingredient for toothpaste, a deodorant, or even as a lubricant during…..ahem…..well, you know….

Find out more uses for this fantastic oil, here!

It’s a great find, and tastes even better in a cookie! I helped myself to quite a few just now! Hey, just trying to be healthy. 😉


chococonut cookies2



coconut oil

They sell coconut oil at Costco in regular and organic cans. Either one will do. Just remember that at room temperature, it’s usually not  “oil” but more often like a very soft wax. But it mixes just like butter. Just make sure your room temperature is warm so it doesn’t clump.

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